I am selective when it comes to taking commissions. If the request is to turn a photograph into a painting, drawing, or sculpture, I require a high-quality reference photo. I also like to take commissions that are out of my comfort zone to challenge me. I also gravitate towards commissions that will be aesthetically pleasing and that would accentuate my other work.


How to get started …

Here are a few things to think about before contacting the artist.


  • Determine who or what you would like to be sculpted.
  • What size? How tall and how wide?
  • What material are you looking for? Bronze, ceramic, or resin? Materials will be limited depending on the pose and size.
  • Do you have multiple good quality images of multiple views, or can the sculpture be done from life?
  • What is your time frame for completion?
  • Will you be picking up or having the commission delivered? 
  • What type of base would you like? I offer cherry or walnut wood bases, or stone that also comes in a grey or peach color.
  • Will there be a weight limit? Sometimes the weight can be very heavy depending on the size of base.


  • Will your painting be done from photographs or from life?
  • Do you have an image in mind or will we need to shoot reference material?
  • What size? I can have any size made. I have all my wood panels made locally with a beautiful wood gallery wrap around the sides.
  • What is your time frame for having the painting completed?
  • Is this a gift? 
  • Would you like thick paint and bold, loose brushstrokes?
  • Are you looking for a smooth very refined "lifelike" painting?
  • Do you like gloss or a flat finish?


  • Are you looking for a black and white charcoal drawing?
  • What size would you like the drawing to be when fit to a frame?
  • Charcoal drawings need special framing. Will you be framing the drawing?
  • All charcoal drawings are done on thick watercolor paper and require special handling. Will the drawing be shipped or picked up?
  • Do you have a high quality image or will reference photos need to be shot?