Ambition of a young man not yet tarnished by time. The essence of innocence and excitement for the new, so naïve. What if we could freeze this moment in all of are lives and believe in only a future and not the past. Being possessed by the wonders of the unknown. Be a creator of love.

This Original oil painting was painted in 2016 and featured in the 2017 Springville Spring Salon.


32 inch x 48 inch Original oil on board. Frame has a 1.5 inch wrap. Natural wood wrap with a red front.

Painted with high quality oil paints on Masonite wood panel. This painting is framed in a natural wood floating frame with a red front. Every painting is coated with a protective gloss varnish. Every painting comes ready to hang.

I start out with a small thumbnail compositional sketch first, then I transfer the drawing onto the painting surface. I only use solvent free materials and the highest quality of oil paints. A protective varnish is applied to seal the painting after all layers of paint has dried.

Each painting is packaged in a protective bubble wrap or foam core and cardboard. The painting will be packaged and shipped 7-10 days from ordering. Shipping costs are included in the total price.

Gift wrapping:
A personal card or note can be attached to the back of the painting. Please leave the message you want in the comments when ordering.


All major credit cards accepted. Payment plan options not available at this time.


If for any reason you would like to return the painting, you will pay return shipping and packaging cost and must be returned within 3 business days from delivery date. If painting has been damaged in anyway during the return process you will not receive a full refund.

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