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Welcome to RisonArt!

First, a little about me: I was born and raised in California where I developed a serious interest in becoming an artist by visiting the local gallery stroll. I’ve always been naturally talented in most arts, but had never considered it as a career. Still, seeing such great art early in life inspired me to do better.

In 2011, I relocated to Utah where I furthered my art education under renowned artists such as Jeff Hein and Bryce Billings, among many others. With time and study, I deepened my love and furthered my talents for portraiture and sculpture. This eventually led to my work being displayed at both local and statewide shows such as the Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon; participating in this particular show for four years running has been a great acknowledgment of my work.

Since this initial success, I have further expanded my interests to include figurative oil painting, figurative sculpture, and jewelry making. You can find my handmade wood jewelry in many local stores, like the White Elephant Exchange & Boutique and of course on my Etsy shop. Follow me on Instagram (@risonart) for the latest shows and events!

Meet the Artist

My next big adventure?

I am so excited to announce that my long time dream of living on an island has come true. My husband and I are making the move to Wailuku Maui later this year 2018 ! It has always been a dream of mine where everyday I can wake up and be surrounded by beauty. The thought of starting over seems a little crazy but were ready for a lifestyle change and possibly a new direction for my art. Yes I will be selling everything before we move, so plan your studio tour now and get some great deals. Mahalo!




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